Thursday, November 3, 2011

Here You Are, You Are Breathing Life In A Ghost Under Rocks Like Notes...

Ghost Under Rocks - Ra Ra Riot

Well, After one of the worst days of my life that involved Paramedics, hospitals and a surgery, I am happy to announce it seems (as of right now) everything is going to be fine!  (Actually, they are expecting it to be better than before which is even better news)  Though it was really scary!  That being said I did not do to much writing on my novel yesterday.  When I did try, my mind kept wondering to what was going on, and it was totally hard to concentrate, so I took the day off.  I didn't want to, I thought I had a pretty good start and I didn't want to lose that momentum, though I suppose that is one of the reasons why we work ahead, so if an emergency comes up or if we have some plans we simply cannot miss, it will be ok because we are ahead.

That being said, my novel is coming along alright.  I'm still on the first chapter though.  I have a good "cliff hanger" to transition into Chapter 2, though I fear it might be to far into the story.  (My stupid inner editor talking, I told him to go on vacation for the month, but I suppose he loves his job too much, maybe I should have told him it was mandatory!)  And the more that I think about the story, the more little scenes I see in my head which is fantastic to say the least.  I hate those stories that I start writing and get absolutely no scenes in my head after I start writing it.  It creates a dull, lack-luster few chapters in which I give up.  (I also don't like it when my mind thinks of too many "scenes" and the book starts feeling crowded)  Maybe after NaNo, I will post some helpful tips on how I combat either problem!  *Makes mental note*

Well, I'm going to start writing my novel now; now that I know everything is going to be fine and my mind doesn't have to think about that anymore.  Happy noveling!


  1. Ooooo I just listened to "Ghost Under Rocks" and it's awesome! I am collecting songs about ghosts because I have a book about a medium that needs to be rewritten. :D

    And I hope everything is going okay for you! Being at the hospital is definitely a good reason to not work on your book. I wouldn't be able to concentrate either.

    Good luck!

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  3. Thanks Elizabeth! I do know of another "ghost" song, just off the top of my head, by Neutral Milk Hotel called Ghost. They are one of my favorites, though they are a little different, (not for everyone) the song has a faster beat, perfect for typing fast =) And it is somewhat about a spirit, (well rough interpretation anyways) Hope that kind of helps you, if I think of anymore, I'll post them to you =)

    Edit:I just thought of another one, The Chills by Peter Bjorn and John. Well it reminds me of ghosts, or seems like he could be singing about someone that died. (At least that's what I think anyways, kinda >.< ) Enjoy either way!

  4. Goodness, sounds like you had a rough week. I hope things are going better now.