Thursday, February 16, 2012

All of History Deleted with One Stroke

MK Ultra~Muse

Ah Muse!  Quite possibly the best band of this decade (though they've been around since the 90's).  Alright, so quick update then down to business.  A lot of things have happened over the last few months, some great, some good, some bad, and some terrible.  Needless to say I've been a very busy girl.  I aced my classes last semester, surprising me really because that was one of the hardest semesters I've ever had, and this is my second time around in college.

The person I used to care for is no longer living with me.  She is doing well, at another relative's house.  Which also means I have more time for me.  Which also means, I have a lot more time for me.  (What the Hell am I going to do with all this free time?)  This decision, however, did not come to be before the spring semester started, and I did not register simply because that was a lot of stress on me during exams, and thinking everything would stay the same, I choose to take the semester off.  In essence, giving me way way more free time.  More free time than I could possibly imagine!

My boyfriend and I broke up.  It is fine, during the end there, I could barely spend any time with him because my family required the attention, and him being younger, I simply think he couldn't understand.  Though before we parted ways and as a birthday gift he pre-ordered the MMO Star Wars.  In which I got quite addicted to during the late nights when I did not have to watch anyone.  I found a great guild and great people that embraced me fully and I am quite happy there.  (It's not a hardcore raiding guild, though we do raid so I still have free time)

I kind of stopped writing because I guess I just needed a break thinking.  I had (and I think I still have to) figure out what makes me me.  After so long of caring for someone else, what they like, what is in the best interest for them often forgetting about what is good for me, and so I did a bit of soul searching.  I think that's good to do every few years or so anyways.  After thinking about who I am, and what I am, what do I want to be and how I can start to change my life into a positive direction, I believe I am finally on track.  Though I don't want to give up writing.  It is one of my biggest passions, reading and writing.  And I know my stories really want to be told, (they won't shut up in my mind!)

So with that, I am going to fire up my novels again and blog about the heart-ships that I endure while writing those said novels.  I hope that my experiences that I had and that I will have will help inspire at least one person to finally write their novel.  For me, knowing someone else who has been there helps me a great deal.

And with that, I would like to welcome myself back!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yeah, The Slight Of My Hand Is Now A Quick Pull Trigger

Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

Ah, Tuesdays, update day!  Well, first things first then!  The new beginning that I added worked out nicely, so nicely that I only had to do a few changes to the old beginning to weave it into my novel.  Of course I will have to rewrite most of it to flow a little better, but that is for my second draft/edit, whichever you want to call it.  So that brings my shiny word count to 13519.  I feel this is good considering everything that has been forced onto my back this month.  I have barely been around my computer for practically the first three weeks, then I bought a netbook.  And now, even though I have this cute little netbook, I have about 10 minutes to myself before something demands my attention throughout the day.  I also have my college courses to complete, and just last week we were issued our final projects, so that has taken a lot of time away from my novel also.  Though, no excuses, I will finish this one, partly because I can see the map of it in my head, and partly because I am so sick of not being able to finish one, even though I've probably started a few hundred.  Shitty that I keep putting one of my dreams on hold like that, but I feel like it just wasn't meant to be, maybe some space and time dimensional God felt like I wasn't ready, but regardless if that God wants me to finish or not now, I want to!

Second off, I would love to thank Elizabeth Poole and Charity Bradford for creating the Birth of a Novel.  I have meet some wonderful people that I am happy to have met.  (I know we still have one more Tuesday, but just in case someone doesn't read it next week, I want to make sure they read it now!)

Thirdly, I have some pretty exciting ideas for my blog which I will be implementing come December.  I will keep the update Tuesday thing going, simply because I like this, it's a kick in the pants to get out to the world that I will not be quitting.  A great way to keep motivated even if in your head your not.  I will also continue with the whole NaNo mindset of quantity over quality while writing.  I read somewhere that the first draft is just about the creative process, getting your story out; adding description, depth, and your inner editor to your novel is what the editing process is about.  I've taken that advice when I wrote for a paycheck, and it still rings true to this day.  More to come on what I have planned for my blog probably next week sometime. 

I thank you for reading, and I hope everyone has a great week novelizing/blogging!